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Hound Dog Ruli Huli's Diploma The Diploma of Suomen Kennelklubi The Diploma of the Karelian Kennel Club Catalogue of the Finnish Kennel Club's first dog show Edmund Natunen Dr. Kalle Rikala judges Finnish Hounds Ester Toivonen and German Shepherd The poster of The Finnish Kennel Club's first dog show Mrs Rikala-Palmgren with Miniature Pinschers The 100-year Anniversary Dog Show poster A bronze medal from 1907 A golden medal A bronze medal from 1904 A bronze medal from 1899 A bronze medal A silver medal of Karelian Kennel Club A golden medal Medal of Karelian Kennel Club A bronze medal Medal of British and Irish Pointers and Setters Section Kennel Club's medal from 1910 The Finnish Working Dog Association's medal A Challenge Cup The Dog of the Year prize Hunting knife The hunting signals of the Finnish Kennel Club Measuring stick After the Finnish Spitz trials in 1937 Winter show in Oulu 1957