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Do you want to donate for the preservation and research of Finnish cultural heritage related to dogs? Even a small donation makes a big difference. The funds received will be used in full to fulfill the purpose of the Kennel Foundation and its Canine Museum.

A considerable part of the Canine Museum’s collections has been received as donations. The Canine Museum collects historical information, photographs and artifacts related to Finnish canine culture and native dog breeds. For practical reasons, it is not possible to receive and store all objects, offered to the museum. Collections are primarily increased in accordance with the collection policy plan drawn up by the museum. The museum is particularly interested in objects that have a story and photos, of which it is known when and where they were taken and who (persons and/or dogs) is in the picture.The museum decides on the digitization of objects and works and may also add them to the online museum for viewing.

Please note this when you want to make a donation

  • Regarding donations, please contact the Canine Museum in advance, by e-mail
  • The Canine Museum cannot accept items that have not been agreed in advance.
  • Donations are handed over to the Canine Museum with full ownership and usage rights.
  • A written donation agreement is made in duplicate for each donation.
  • With the agreement, both ownership and management rights are transferred to the Canine Museum.
  • In the case of larger sets of objects, a list of the objects to be handed over must be attached to the donation.
  • Unfortunately, the museum cannot accept everything offered to it due to limited storage space.
  • The Canine Museum does not accept deposits, and does not give price estimates for objects.
  • The monetary value of an object or material is irrelevant when deciding whether to include an object in the collections.

Donate artifacts

The Canine Museum accepts donations from associations and individuals. The museum collects historical information related to Finnish dog breeds and Finnish canine culture, such as memories, photographs, films and objects. The better the story of the object is known, the more interesting it is. Information about manufacturing, acquisition, ownership, and use history, as well as personal history related to the object, increase its value. The museum decides on digitizing and adding objects and works to the online museum for viewing.

Money donation

You can make a donation by transferring the desired amount to our fundraising account.
Bank Details:
Suomen Kennelsäätiö sr
NDEAFIHH Nordea Bank Oyj
IBAN: FI52 1555 1245 38

Thank you very much for your support! The Kennel Foundation processes personal data in the manner required by the EU data protection regulation and the laws, regulations and official regulations issued based on it.