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Black Spot Shocking Ballet Girl av Torefjell and Gitta Ringwall Faithful Of Falstaff Sønnafjellets Sunrise of Norway FI CH Dawich Jon English Stockmann's kennel department Briar Benedict Arberth Oarsman The Kennel Club's export pedigree Black Spot Lariza Febinette and Grand Goalkeeper Grand Goalkeeper Black Spot Lamie Black Spot Picadilly Black Spot Sarabande Black Spot Cherry-Brandy Sønnafjellets Sunrise of Norway Redblack Rembrance Snorrehus Ibb Carlova Samba Vanitonia Holy Moses Gitta Ringwall judging 1992 Gitta Ringwall judging in Sweden Winner Best In Show 2003 Kirman Khayal Black Spot Elmo Dawich Jon English Culswood Cracker's last show Black Spot Zatomayor Black Spot Bebel Black Spot beeder's group, Norwich Terrier Finland's first Norwich terriers Black Spot Placido Sound Black Spot Irish Toffee Culswood Cracker Gitta Ringwall 1990 Some of the first dogs in Black Spot kennel Skijumper Polonaise Black Spot kennel's winnings Black Spot Rebiza Cefnbryn Celt Black Spot breeder's group, Fox Terriers Arley Swell Stenus Fox Somersault ja Stenus Fox Sympatica Black Spot Harmony Black Spot Marino Black Spot Xavier Black Spot Jaguar C.I.B. Black Story Gitta Ringwall and a dog in the 1950's Black Story won its first CC On route to a show in Norway, 1957 Ballet Girl av Torefjell ja Stenus Fox Somersault Black Spot Jaguar A painting, gifted to Gitta Ringwall Ballet Girl av Torefjell Dara of the Belt-Railway Arberth Oarsman's Dk Ch certificate Arley Swell's No Ch certificate Briar Benedict's CACIB Honorary award won by Snorrehus Ibb A statuette of a Norwich terrier Gitta Ringwall's kennel archive A prize plate by Östra Kennelklubben 1979 Dawich Jon English A painting of a fox terrier Culswood Cracker and Black Spot Watson, a painting Culswood Cracker, a painting Black Spot kennel Finnish Kennel Club gold badge to Gitta Ringwall Gitta as a tennis player Women's handball team pictured in 1948 Gitta Ringwall as a mannequin A prize from a running competition. Gitta Ringwall and handball Gitta Ringwall and Ready Gitta Ringwall in the 1950's Gitta Ringwall and first Norwich Terriers